Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas Shows an Elegant and Antique Look

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas
Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Shabby chic is one of interior design styles showing antique design but it looks elegant for residence. The design style is much identical to the use of floral antique furniture items. Though it looks old but it stays beautiful. It has characteristics and vintage typical features that are romantic because it often uses soft and pastel colors. Shabby chic living room ideas show elegancy through perfection for your home.

Unforgettable Design for Living Room

Shabby chic design was famously known and developed in English. This design is suitable for being applied for any rooms at your house like a living room. A vintage look is identical to sexy and elegant being characteristics and advantages of this old design. The decoration of shabby chic will give an unforgettable impression in your living room. It is time to make the first sweet impression for guests with a shabby chic design. Don’t forget to consider some things before applying shabby chic design.

Vintage living room ideas on a budget
Vintage living room ideas on a budget : source

Pastel Colors and Floral Motifs for Living Room

Small and beautiful floral motifs and pastel color uses become a main element of shabby chic living room ideas. Any furniture items at home can be applied for being floral motifs and pastel color touch. You can apply it on the wall with wallpaper, curtain, or the other furniture items. You can use an appropriate clothing material such as cotton or linen for the cloth. The motif cloth with curtain accent will beautify your shabby chic living room. If you use floral motif wallpaper, don’t use floral motifs anymore on the other furniture items. It will make your living room look crowded and too much. It is enough to apply the other furniture items with similarly pastel colors for your main wallpaper.

Shabby Chic Furniture Items for Living Room

Choose a furniture item with medium to small sizes such as side table, coffee table, living room table, mirror, and cabinet. Find the vintage design furniture items with pastel colors. It is like its name in which shabby means to be old and dull. The dull furniture items become a typical feature of shabby chic design. You should concern on the chosen pastel colors. You should prevent the application of three different colors. If it is too much, your living room looks so messy. Choose one color only to be a main color and make a color division by using the other colors on the furniture. You need to select colors having a harmonious view each other. With that way, it looks so beautiful and harmonious. Those are enough to decorate a right interior design with shabby chic living room ideas.

Fascinating Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Interior design for small bedroom
Interior design for small bedroom

Interior design for small bedroom is an endless discussion. What makes it endless is because what can give the limit is you yourself. You yourself who can limit your imagination. As you go for it deeper, you will find more and more great ideas that you can apply for your design. This reason is actually what makes interior design can bring you so much fun. You can research, you can explore, and you can do experiment for your design. You can even use some material that other people never think about it before. However, we will limit our discussion in this article about interior design for small bedroom. The focus of the discussion is some idea that can make a small bedroom looks larger without reducing its function and coziness. Here are some ideas that you may inspire you to redecorate your small bedroom.

Mirror and Hidden Storage Application for Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Identifying the challenge is the key. If you want to work on an interior design for small bedroom project, you must know what is your challenge. It appears the challenge is the small bedroom itself. Small room usually tend to make you feel in-box. Besides, usually you have some storages as some other furniture that you need inside your bedroom. However, you do not need to worry about it. Even a novice in interior design can solve it. What you need to do to make your small bedroom looks larger is to apply mirror ornaments. Mirror simply can reflect the light so that will make you bedroom somehow looks larger. It is easy for you to find some beautiful and classic mirror ornament in secondhand market. You can combine the mirror ornament with the application of mosaic to make it more alive. Besides, you do not need to throw away all your storages and furniture. You can outsmart it by applying hidden storage and small-size furniture. You can modify your small-size furniture to work as your hidden storage as well.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Painting Technique for Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Painting technique can define whether your room looks larger or the otherwise. The right combination between painting technique and lighting arrangement can make your small bedroom somehow looks larger. The idea is to make visual illusion from it. The right painting technique for small bedroom is to make gradation or ombre. The bottom part of your small bedroom must have lighter color. This will make you somehow see natural scenery from your bedroom. Usually, this technique adopts natural views such as beach or forest. Thus, you do not need to be confused anymore to work on your interior design for small bedroom project.

The Mix of Modern and Classic in Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs
Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs – Talking about home interior designs including for the bathroom, it seems that our minds only come to the modern and classic interior. Undeniably, those two are the basic styles commonly applied by people nowadays. Both are in contrast each others in which modern design is simpler while the classic ones tend to have more details. Sure, they can still be classified into other ideas. One of them is the Italian interior design. So, what are the characteristics of this idea? Meanwhile, is it good to be applied inside the bathroom along with item like marble? Here is the explanation.

Mix of Modern and Classic Design

It is actually quite difficult where Italian interior must be categorized; whether it is modern or classic. It is due to the fact that it has all things that describe both styles. Italian interior basically brings out the sense of luxuriously classic by seeing the furniture and other items applied. For bathroom particularly, it can be seen from the application of marble for the floor and even wall and furniture. Rather than choosing marble that is plain, the patterned one is more recommended for the look of more elegant as well as prestigious. In this case, classic style is very strong. On the other hand, the design in general including the wall ideas and furniture tend to be simple. It is seen by the fact that there is almost no engraving and other traditional details applied. The fascinating fact is that it is what being originally applied by Italian people even from many years ago.

grey and white italian marble bathrooms
grey and white italian marble bathrooms : source

Light Sense

Different from other classic designs that tend to be bold and “heavy” in term of design and color idea, Italian bathroom is not like that. The colors applied are light even if it may combine two or more colors. Aside from this matter, it is also supported by the lighting that uses white or yellow light as well. The use of classic chandelier is necessary for this idea although many people now are also interested to use the LED lighting. Other than light colors, Italian bathroom design is also often related to the application of natural look like wooden or rock pattern, something that modern interior commonly has. Meanwhile, using glass is also recommended to make the bathroom look larger. Yes, large space is important to make the Italian marble bathroom designs look more prestigious.

Brilliant Ideas for Kitchen Interior Design

interior design of kitchen
interior design of kitchen

Nowadays, many people realize that they need interior design of kitchen to boost the performance of that particular place. Kitchen is not merely a place for cooking or eating, but it is a perfect place for family gathering and reunion with your friends. You might as well consider entertaining your guests in this room. Building or renovating a kitchen may not be an easy thing to do. You need to plan it carefully and prepare it meticulously. Probably, you should think of your style, taste, and also your habit. But, if you are still confuse about what kind of interior design that you want to install in your kitchen, you can choose from these brilliant ideas. Hopefully, it will transform your kitchen.

The Kitchen’s Interior Ideas

Well, do you like simple, classic, and clean kitchen? If you do, perhaps you should consider minimalist interior. For this interior, you should consider using floating shelf and avoid big cabinets since it requires more space. You can put some pictures of you and your family. Some people also like to use white, gray, and black colors for their kitchen interior since these colors are easy to be mixed and matched. For example, you can use bright colors for black sofa pillows. The colors include lemon or turquoise.  

small kitchen design pictures modern
small kitchen design pictures modern : source

You can also have a one of a kind interior design by installing different pattern and colors for the flooring. In this case, you can mix the colors and patterns together. This way, your kitchen will have vintage looks, which are chic and unique. You can also add pastel colors like soft Tosca or soft pink.

Although you have low budget that does not mean you should limit your creativity. You should try to be more innovative. For that reason, perhaps you should consider having a neutral zone. This place needs neutral colors like ivory, cream, and gray. You can also add more texture or patterns for the flooring. Try to use zigzag patterns which have two different colors.  Additionally, it is better for you to have an open plan kitchen. Install a patio door right that has limited access to your backyard. Plus, this way has been proven that it leads to healthier home since its gets enough sunlight and airs. Many people isolate their kitchen and they place it right at the back of their house. Generally, the perfect interior designs can be done easily and fast. So, hopefully, after you read this article, you can find out the perfect interior design of kitchen that you need.

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

shabby chic decor ideas
shabby chic decor ideas

If you are bored with a modern style home decor, then try to bring the beauty of aging objects into your room. The following shabby chic decor ideas will certainly transform your house into a beautiful vintage home.

Shabby Chic Style

What is shabby chic style, actually? Shabby chic is a term that refers to a decorating style which utilizes the aged furnitures and objects in order to create a shabby/vintage look into the decorated room. Interior decorators believe that shabby chic style brings a perfect balance between the modesty and luxury. 

The Colors

If you want to bring a shabby look to your room, you have to firstly consider the right color of the walls and the furnitures. In order to enhance the shabby atmosphere, you are suggested to choose some pastel colors, like white, mint, soft or dusty pink, creams, and soft blue. To avoid the “pale” and “boring’ look of your room, you can place small furnitures or accessories painted in bold colors (e.g.: pink, red, turquoise, yellow) in the room.

shabby chic decorating ideas living room
shabby chic decorating ideas living room : source

The Elements

There are some elements that you can use to highlight the shabby taste in your room.

1.             Whitewash

Instead of placing perfectly polished objects or furnitures, it will be better if you use the chipped, layered and whitewash painted objects. The texture effect which is created from these painting techniques will enhance the sign of age and loved objects or furnitures.

2.             Lace

Lace is definitely one of the must-included classic element in the shabby chic decor ideas, since it gives a very strong dainty vintage impression. You can add laces to your table runners, curtains, and bedsheet.

3.             Metal

Aluminum and tin are the other classic elements that work best in a vintage environment. The shabby chic style will be even stronger if the metal objects you use have some signs of wear and tear. The sign of used and aged metal objects will strengthen the charm of old country style.

The Patterns

The most popular pattern that is often used to bring a vintage breeze into the room is floral patterns. This kind of pattern will give the touch of classic English cottage. The patterns that are often used are rose blossoms and peonies.

Not only floral patterns, but paisley and stripe patterns can also be used to enhance the feel of shabby chic house. It is believed that simple stripe patterns can give a taller ceiling and bigger room effects to your room. You can use light and neutral colors to create a stripe pattern that will perfectly complement the shabby chic look of your room.

The Best Interior Design For Bedrooms

Interior design for bedrooms
Interior design for bedrooms

Designing is a first thing that people do before make or build something. Because this is so important to get like you want. What happen if only people do something without have a design, like the example building without designing first it will have a bad result finally, so do gown, without have any design that gown will look not attractive. And it will possible look messy to if it your bedroom. Interior design for bedrooms being a popular research for nowadays, because every people want to have a dream nice bedroom.

Designing is a pattern design that through various processes and consideration of aesthetics, function, problem, surveys and many other aspects, so the one who chose works as a designer requires expertise, research, thinking, models and particular experiences in orientation clicking out-put a masterpiece of design.

Tips Designing Interior Bedrooms

A clean and tidy appearance is an absolute must watch out. From lighting  techniques for lighting up the mirror for accessories, and it is certain that every little detail will make a big difference from your bedroom.

bedroom interior design pictures
bedroom interior design pictures : source

Considering your bedroom size, before buying a new furniture, because it may not have space for it. When picking a spot for your bed, consider the window and the door. Avoid to placement a bed underneath a window or close to the door because it can crack of light.

Lighting  techniques and color plays an important role in designing the rooms, such as soil color and lighting will give the impression of a warm and romantic. Or a clean white background and a single tone accents, not only gives the impression of a wider, but also create an atmosphere more bright and beautiful rooms.

But that should be very aware of is not too much to add color, it will create the impression of your bedroom become much look smaller and narrower than it is.  Match your desk and bed to make it look perfect. The pops of red that show up in bedroom can give a little touch of passion to an otherwise simple design.

Under the picture is also served rooms that utilize a space that might not have thought into a room, an attic of the house. Yes, if you are a person who regularly uses every inch of your home size becomes meaningful, perhaps the concept of elegant rooms can be useful. In a large bedroom size, combination of natural flooring can make a calm situation beside that paneling and shutter wood make the bedroom being a cozy atmosphere and block the light when you want to sleep in.

That’s  all a tips of interior design for bedrooms that you can apply in your bedroom. Beside that you can consult to a decorator before to got a maximal result.

The Priele Italian Design Bathrooms – The Satisfying Products

priele italian design bathrooms
priele italian design bathrooms

When we have a bathroom which has nice designs, we must be very happy. As we know, bathroom is not only a place for taking a pee or poop. In nowadays, the function of the bathroom has expanded to be a place which can you use to do makeup or others. However, in a nice bathroom, we have to install high quality stuffs as well. For example, the priele italian design bathrooms, a place which provides you bathroom designs which doesn’t need to be questioned any more about its quality.

What is the priele italian design?

Before going further, it is better for you to know what the priele design is. Here, this brand was founded in 2004. Built for innovating the designs and bathroom products, the priele has a vision to be the best brand. Besides, the priele only utilizes the materials which are high quality. Not only that, you will see the designs which combine the creativity and the imagination in its products. For example, the vanity sets which are made, combine the materials such as porcelains, granite, tempered glass, wooden, and marble with italian design.

italian style bathroom ideas
italian style bathroom ideas : source

What the priele italian design bathroom offers?

When we talk about what this place offers, the priele italian design provides you the cabinets, glass shower doors, eco flush toilet, whirlpool bathtubs, green faucets, and vanity sets. Here, the priele italian design is available for nationwide selling. If you want to see the stuffs which are sold in the priele, you can go to the one of its dealers’ showrooms. Similar with its name, the designs which you can choose are mostly italian design. However, this brand also offers you the modern, classic, and wooden designs.

About the products

The products of the priele italian design, will make your bathroom become completely beautiful. Here, the designs which are carried by the priele are fresh and amazing. For example, the vanity sets which are offered will complete the emptiness of your bathroom. When usually a bathroom looks empty because there is no vanity set which is fit and beautiful. The vanity sets which are sold by the priele are very recommended. Not only that, the shower panels which are made, carry a modern design which is combined with italian style.

Besides, the priele italian design bathrooms also offer you bathroom shower doors which are made of high quality of glass. The prices which are given to you are affordable. Here, you will get the right stuff with the right price.

Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens to Look Chic and Airy

kitchen ideas for small kitchens
kitchen ideas for small kitchens

Everyone with small modern minimalist houses needs some kitchen ideas for small kitchens. The small kitchen is not only an option for the limited space available, but it’s also a supporting element for the overall home interior design. Instead of getting stress on how you manage to store all the kitchen’s tools and utensils while still being able to cook in leisure, please take note to these ideas below to make your small kitchen look chic and airy.

Combine the Materials

As your small kitchen may have limited option to get polished in interesting details, here you can still make it chic by simply combine the materials of all the elements in the kitchen. Here you have to put your idea on how to mix the cabinetry, flooring, countertop surfaces, fixtures, color and lighting in different materials yet still in harmonious design. The style is up to you to decide! But for the tips, find the same style and color for the cabinet and fixtures to unify a look.

Open the Cupboards

Having open storages may make you worry that the kitchen’s tools and utensils may get exposed more to dust and dirt. However, this is the clever idea to free up the busy ambiance in tiny kitchen. The closed-door cabinets which tower overhead can only make the small kitchen feel claustrophobic after all. Aside from the spacious ambiance you get from having open storage, it can also be a nice display of the favorite dishes you serve or simply just the pots and pans you are proud of.

kitchen ideas for small kitchens
kitchen ideas for small kitchens : source

Opt for Glass

Among the kitchen ideas for small kitchens is incorporating glass. This is the simplest solution to visually expand your small kitchen. The installation of glass can be on the tabletop, counter, kitchen doors, and tiles. And if having open storage is a little bit too much for you, you can opt for glass door cabinet instead to enhance the spacious ambiance for your tiny kitchen. Having mirror in the kitchen or perhaps pass-through windows will also make the room looks more airy and lighten it up.

Choose the Smart Lighting

Combining several sources of atmospheric lighting is a great task which you can do to visually expand your tiny kitchen. To add drama to your kitchen you can install bluish pendant lights in the dining area, incandescent spot lighting for above cabinetry, and incandescent lighting for underneath the upper cabinets. To make it completed, install lighting as well under the base cabinetry so it can shine down onto the plate. Installing the perfect lightning is definitely among the simplest kitchen ideas for small kitchens to make it look more chic and airy that you can try.

Things to Include in Shabby Chic Home Décor

Shabby chic home décor
Shabby chic home décor

Shabby chic home décor refers to a decoration which applies aged furniture for vintage look and here some tips to include it on your house.

The colours

There are some colours which are associated with shabby chic style. Starting from mint green, white, creams, and pastels depict this home style well. In order to get true shabby chic look, you can combine the use of neutral colours and muted green. To make it look more interesting, you can give an accent by adding some pops with teal, turquoise, or pinks.

The elements

There are some elements that you will familiarly meet in shabby chic home. For instance, you almost can find burlap to balance the decoration. This element is familiar with organic and natural look. The coarse textile which used to make this element adds edge and texture in a room which designed with shabby chic style.

shabby chic decorating ideas living room
shabby chic decorating ideas living room : source

When it comes to furniture, shabby chic usually uses polished furniture. It also shows the use of whitewash, layered, or items with chipped paint. Furniture which emphasized in textured and aged look becomes the true sign of this style.

Anther clear sign which depicts shabby chic is lace. It becomes the combination of dainty and delicate look. That’s why it happens to be a great complements for cottons as well as muslin cloth. Lace always gives classic touch to any curtains, table top, any other where it is placed.

Metal materials such as tint and aluminium are frequently found in shabby chic home. It creates chic look as well as shows the charm of old-fashioned style through painted, sanded or distress surface of metal elements.

The patterns

Shabby chic has its own patterns and they depict the style well. For instance, floral pattern gives the sense of English cottage. You also can use peonies or tea roses which bloom to complete faded background. Prim or ladylike is another floral pattern. These tiny flowers are good to be added into shabby chic space as it effectively draw attention for detail look.

For any simple approach, you can use stripes pattern. This pattern will make your eye focus to see an illusion of taller ceilings and more spacious room. Stripes also can give light and natural look if you apply it them to shabby chic room with toned-down look. So, make sure to include one of these strong patterns if you have plan to make any room in your house showing shabby chic home décor.

Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom as Master Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom
Decorating a small bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom as a master bedroom must be much more challenging. You should make it a sanctuary and a place to have nice resting time. Even you only have a small space, you can make it feels like in a spa if you decorate it well.

Create a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

The warm and cozy atmosphere can be gotten by applying warm colors on the bed and walls. The colors are such as reds, terracotta, golds, and also browns. To improve the warm atmosphere, you can layer some fabrics in the bedroom such as by layering the drapes, throwing pillows, and covering the tables.  

Open an Airy Bedroom

Open and airy bedroom atmosphere is another favorite choice of many people. To make this design, apply certain colors like greens, blues, and also purples. Choose lighter colors to get more airy feeling in decorating a small bedroom. Have simple curtain designs and light colors as well as in other things inside the bedroom. It will create the open feeling you want.


Accessories will improve the personal style inside your bedroom. Keep simple accessories for your small master bedroom to prevent cluttered look. Choose simple artwork or photographs to bring dimension that doesn’t cause chaos.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Storage Space

Plenty storage space is essential need in any type of bedroom, including a room with spa look. In decorating a small bedroom, you can choose smart storage under the bed, having closets, and other ideas that will maximize the space usage. Choose furniture pieces that can have double functions as storage and another function. Remove all things that only full the master bedroom such as computer, household items, toys, etc.  

Right Furniture Choice

Choosing the right furniture will make your small spaces look bigger. Get a smallest bed that can be comfortable enough for you. If the bed is too big, then it will make the space overwhelmed. Use closet instead of a dresser and store your important clothes only inside. Have furniture pieces with hidden storage such as nightstands with drawers, ottoman or benches with underneath storage, etc. They will work well to store many stuffs that commonly make clutter inside a bedroom.Creating a less cluttered room is the essential key to make a small bedroom looks bigger. Consider the points above if you are going to make a master bedroom in a small room. Choose every right item to apply and support decorating a small bedroom well.