Applying Bathrooms Designs for Small Spaces

Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces
Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces

Maybe you’re looking for ideas about modern bathrooms designs for small spaces. There are many tips that we can apply to transform your small bathroom into a comfortable and elegant bathroom by applying the idea of a minimalist bathroom design idea for a narrow room. Taking into account the use of the existing room and the selection of the right goods is a way to maximize the existing bathroom room.

Application of color and light

In order to seem wider, you should use a white or cream tile floor. This is because bright colors can reflect light. This makes the light bulb radiated more effectively to the angles that are difficult to reach the light directly. The bathroom feels cool and spacious. But if you do not like the light color or already wearing a dark color and cannot renovate again, then you can paint the rest of the other room like a wall with light colors.

Minimalist bathroom design idea
Minimalist bathroom design idea : Source

The next step is to apply matching colors for ceramics on walls and floors. The goal is to produce a straight line that is not interrupted when viewed the eye, to make anyone think that this room is wider than the original size. Sometimes some people think that many colors in the bathroom will make it look fresh and cheerful, but this is only for a spacious bathroom. The last step that can be replicated is to add artificial light in the bathroom, by installing bright lights white and bright. The use of yellow color should be avoided as it will make the bathroom look cramped and dark.


When talking about decorating, you might think that this is not important. However, it should be understood that a door hinge that most people wear will take up more space in a room, not least in the small bathroom space. In fact, this hinge door takes up to 25 percent of the space available in the bathroom. Therefore, it should be considered to use the door with a sliding system, so that the small space of our bathroom looks more spacious and comfortable.

Not a good idea to put a large toilet though the terrace will be more comfortable in the bathroom space with a limited size. Choose a toilet with the smallest size possible but already has the same function with a large toilet. That’s some small bathroom design ideas of small size that can be presented this time, hopefully this paper can be useful to decorate or renovate your modern bathrooms designs for small spaces.

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