Mexican Bathroom Designs: Unique and Beautiful

Mexican bathroom designs
Mexican bathroom designs

For you who love an old-style charm and cozy atmosphere, Mexican style can be a perfect choice for your bathroom design. Its coziness of the Mexican-styled bathroom allows you to have a relaxing retreat after passing such a long tiring day. The colorful accent will highlight the romance and warmth at the same time. In this article, you can find some ideas of Mexican bathroom designs including flooring, walls, and accessories.

Mexican Bathroom Designs

1.             Flooring

The use of glazed tile on the floor will enhance the authentic look of Mexican styled bathroom instead of using carpets. There are various shapes and sizes of tile that you can choose to meet your preference. You can install different colored tiles to make a unique accent. For example, you can use those with different color as the border or you can install the, diagonally to create a unique pattern.

2.             Walls

You can bring the Mexican look on to your wall in two ways: either by painting it in two different colors and putting a bold stripe to divide them, or you can put the brightly colored tiles on your wall. 

3.             Accessories

You can attach a mirror with a shiny frame on each side of your bathroom wall to bring the Mexican feel. To enhance the style, you can put some anti-mainstream items like a Mexican flower pot to be used as a toothbrush holder and an old seat to place your bold-colored towel.

Mexican-styled bathroom
Mexican-styled bathroom : source

Why Do People choose Mexican Tile?

The Mexican tile becomes one of the most important elements to bring the Mexican style into your bathroom. Most interior designers do not choose it without any reasons. Here are some reasons why the presence of Mexican tile will usually be preferable.

1.             It is a unique and beautiful handmade item.

Mexican artisans are well known for their ability to make the tiles by hands, and creatively painted the, with aesthetic designs, they learn from their predecessors and, of course will be passed down to the next generations. Since the tiles are produced without machines, the production process will be time consuming and, willy nilly, labor intensive.

2.             It is very easy to clean.

The Mexican tile is very easy to clean and maintain from any dirts. You just need to shower it with water.

3.             It comes with a wide range or varieties.

Well, too many varieties can be both advantages or disadvantage, since it will be hard for you to choose only one or two models among so many beautiful designs. Different manufacturers will provide different patterns which have been produced for centuries. However, you can still find some other new modern pattern if you prefer.

The Reason Why U Shaped Kitchen Designs Are So Popular

u shaped kitchen designs
U shaped kitchen designs

When you saw kitchen design ideas on magazines and internet, did you also see that most of them are u shaped kitchen designs? Yes, many people choose this kitchen design for their home. U shaped kitchen designs can be applied in small or large space of house. Because of its shape, it allows you to cook and prepare wherever you want since the space for countertop is large with the three-side spaces. It also provides plenty of storage for kitchen appliances. Here other advantages of u shaped kitchen that make people love to use the design.


One thing that people have to consider when they build or remodel kitchen is the working triangle. What is that? It is the three main working area in the kitchen, cooking area which is the area of oven or stove, washing area which is the area of sink and storage area which is the area of refrigerator. Those three appliances are the most important of the kitchen. If you want to make your work in the kitchen highly efficient, you have to make sure you can easily reach those area without any obstacles surround them. And u shaped kitchen design is right for the requirement.

Multiple work

When you cook for big party you may need another company to help you cooking. U shaped kitchen designs allow you to divide kitchen area to be multiple working area. So you and your helper can work simultaneously. Its shape separates you from the rest of people so there will be no crowd disrupting when you are cooking.

u shaped kitchen ideas
U shaped kitchen ideas : source


Though it separates kitchen area with another area of the house, yet you can entertain your family or your guest by creating an island countertop on one of three sides. Your family member or guest can sit on this countertop and see or talk with you while you’re cooking. You still can catch any conversation surround you and there won’t be any feeling of being left anymore for you.

Handle the area

With ample storage provided by its three sides and kitchen cabinets you can decide where to put the appliances. The design also gives you less traffic in the kitchen. It means you can easily access all kitchen appliances and you can easily see all the nooks in the kitchen too. In other word u shaped kitchen designs allow you to handle the kitchen area that you might not do the same with other design.

Tips: Shabby Chic Wall Decor

Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas
Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas

Shabby chic is known by its feminine concept with a lot of supportive accessories. If you want to get shabby chic wall decor in your house or want to combine it to other ideas, here are the tips:

Determine the Concept

Shabby chic is mostly about feminine concept, that is why this kind of style uses pink or purple colors the most. But if you do not really like those 2 colors, you are able to pick other soft colors such as beige, salem, or nude colors.

Combine Wallpapers

The easiest way to bring shabby chic wall decor in your house is by having patterned wallpapers. You are able to combine maximum 2 patterned wallpapers, such as striped wallpaper with zig zag wallpaper. You are also able to combine other 2 patterned wallpapers. But make sure the combination does not make a crash and make the walls in your house looks too much. If you want to have a feminine concept of shabby chic, flower pattern wallpaper will instantly bring it.

You are also able to combine patterned wallpaper with wall paints if you think combining 2 patterned wallpapers is too much. Choose one color from the patterned wallpaper you choose, and make it as the main colors of wall paints in your house.

Shabby chic decorating ideas for every room
Shabby chic decorating ideas for every room : Source

Pick White Furniture

Because the concept of shabby chic is already crowd, for the furniture choose the ones in white. White furniture is not only able to neutralize the room, but also able to make it looks more spacious. But if you think white furniture is too boring, you can choose wooden furniture. The wood colors is also able to neutralize the room, and bring warm and calm touch.

Also, minimize the use of furniture. Do not place many furniture if you already apply wall decor with shabby chic. It will make the room in your house looks too crowded. Choosing furniture with small size will be suitable.

Choose the Right Accessories

If you already pick patterned wallpaper to be applied in the walls of your house, choose simple decorative accessories for the walls. For example, white round wall clock. Or you are able to place hanging plants. The plants are suitable with the concept of shabby chic. Moreover, they are also able to be the source of oxygen in the room of your house. The hanging plants will also bring nature touch to the room.

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Bedroom wall décor ideas
Bedroom wall décor ideas

Bedroom wall décor ideas actually are easy to get. Picking out the right décor and accessories can be fun because it is a personal room at home. Bedroom must be uniquely describe the owner; unlike the other rooms that are more public. You can add wallpaper, paint, shelves, photo, or anything you love as your personal items.

Paint the Wall

This the easiest and cheapest way to decorate a bedroom wall. The ideas can be varied. Make a cozy cottage look by installing wainscoting halfway on the wall and then paint the wall’s upper half in soft neutral color. Besides, paint the wall in popular look with vertical stripes, use tape to make the stripes and then paint the stripes in the same shade but darker tone. Behind your bed, use an accent wall with wallpaper to make it more attractive. Apply a romantic patterned wallpaper to create cozy atmosphere. For the other wall sides, use paint in the complement color.         


Displaying photographs is one of popular bedroom wall décor ideas particularly in a master bedroom. However, don’t display too many pictures that will make clutter look. To make the pictures supporting the cozy atmosphere, display two or three best pictures that are printed in sepia tone or black and white. Frame the pictures in the same size and material so it will bring restful, elegant and cohesive look. Hang the pictures horizontally above headboard or chair rail.     

Decorate a bedroom wall
Decorate a bedroom wall : Source


Applying shelves is a great idea to break the flat wall surface. However, don’t apply it in the same way like in a family room. Holding many DVDs or books on the shelves will make the bedroom lack of serenity. Instead, place a small vase with flowers and a lamp on the shelf. Place a couple of books that can be read before bedtime. You can apply some candles instead of the lamp to get more romantic atmosphere.     

Behind the Bed Area Decorating

Behind the bed wall is a focal area of every bedroom. Make a headboard in order to make the wall not bare and empty. You can make a simple headboard from a piece of plywood, fabric, some batting and a staple gun. Get many great ideas of DIY headboards on the internet and then choose the best one that can be applied in your bedroom. Then you can have a perfect and cozy bedroom with characteristics that really show the owner with the right bedroom wall décor ideas

Applying Bathrooms Designs for Small Spaces

Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces
Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces

Maybe you’re looking for ideas about modern bathrooms designs for small spaces. There are many tips that we can apply to transform your small bathroom into a comfortable and elegant bathroom by applying the idea of a minimalist bathroom design idea for a narrow room. Taking into account the use of the existing room and the selection of the right goods is a way to maximize the existing bathroom room.

Application of color and light

In order to seem wider, you should use a white or cream tile floor. This is because bright colors can reflect light. This makes the light bulb radiated more effectively to the angles that are difficult to reach the light directly. The bathroom feels cool and spacious. But if you do not like the light color or already wearing a dark color and cannot renovate again, then you can paint the rest of the other room like a wall with light colors.

Minimalist bathroom design idea
Minimalist bathroom design idea : Source

The next step is to apply matching colors for ceramics on walls and floors. The goal is to produce a straight line that is not interrupted when viewed the eye, to make anyone think that this room is wider than the original size. Sometimes some people think that many colors in the bathroom will make it look fresh and cheerful, but this is only for a spacious bathroom. The last step that can be replicated is to add artificial light in the bathroom, by installing bright lights white and bright. The use of yellow color should be avoided as it will make the bathroom look cramped and dark.


When talking about decorating, you might think that this is not important. However, it should be understood that a door hinge that most people wear will take up more space in a room, not least in the small bathroom space. In fact, this hinge door takes up to 25 percent of the space available in the bathroom. Therefore, it should be considered to use the door with a sliding system, so that the small space of our bathroom looks more spacious and comfortable.

Not a good idea to put a large toilet though the terrace will be more comfortable in the bathroom space with a limited size. Choose a toilet with the smallest size possible but already has the same function with a large toilet. That’s some small bathroom design ideas of small size that can be presented this time, hopefully this paper can be useful to decorate or renovate your modern bathrooms designs for small spaces.

Top Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Small kitchen remodel ideas
Small kitchen remodel ideas

Small kitchen remodel ideas are available on various types. As we know, remodeling project is not easy for us. There are some preparations you need to take in order to finish it perfectly. By preparing them all, you will be able to get what you want and need. Well, remodeling small kitchen will also require you to focus about having more spaces.

You need to also remember the space of the room will depend on how you design it. Besides that, you have to consider about your activities in the kitchen. There will be some aspects you can concern in order to give more spacious room to your kitchen.

Well, for remodeling ideas of your small kitchen, you will need some tips. If you want to know about those tips, keep reading below! Here are some tips for your small kitchen remodeling tips.


On this step, you have to search more spaces that will be used for your activities in the kitchen. For example, it will be better for you to create the kitchen island concept than setting up table and chairs in the kitchen. This concept will show the casual meals spot for your home interior, right? Then, you can also add the storage and other work surfaces.

small kitchen remodeling tips
small kitchen remodeling tips : Source

There is also one best solution for your small kitchen remodeling ideas. You can put the base cabinet that is supported by wheels. So, you can roll out the room center and also other areas when you work in the kitchen. This idea will be the best solution for you serving foods in the small kitchen.

Being Smart on Your Appliances

Avoiding larger appliances that you don’t need is the next idea. You have to consider some appliances that can lower the space of the room. If you really don’t need them, you can avoid them to put in the kitchen. Make sure you only choose the important appliances in the kitchen. Considering their functions will be the wise steps for you, right?

For example, you can choose 18 inches wide of dishwashers and side by side refrigerator for your cooking appliances. Well, there are other appliances that can fit your small kitchen space. Well, following this idea can be the best way to serve more spaces in your kitchen. Besides that, choosing one larger counter top in a spot will help your kitchen activities. So, finally those are all some guides for your small kitchen remodel ideas.

Shabby and Chic Dressing Table Ideas

Shabby chic dressing table
Shabby chic dressing table

Not only as complementary furniture to do your makeup, dressing table can also be a decorative furniture for a room, especially bedroom. One of the most preferred one is shabby chic dressing table. Here are several ideas of it.

Minimalist Shabby Chic

In order to get minimalist shabby and chic dressing table, you can have one table, one chair, and one mirror in small to medium size. Have them all in white color and sharp shapes. This kind of chic shabby dressing table is suitable if your bedroom does not have enough spaces. It is also suitable if you do not have a lot of makeup collections.

Multifunction Shabby Chic

If you need a big dressing table to place your makeup collections but your bedroom makes it pretty impossible to have a big one, then multifunction dressing table is a great solution for you. Multifunction chic shabby dressing table is usually completed with many drawers, racks, and storages. In fact, there is also this kind of table which it is available to be used to write.

Because multifunction dressing table has a lot of storages, you can also save other stuff besides your makeup collection. Such as your bag or shoes collections. Even though it has many storages, multifunction dressing table still has aesthetic value.

chic shabby dressing table
chic shabby dressing table : Source

Traditional Shabby Chic

Traditional chic shabby dressing table is known by its design which shows classic lines and complex details. If you want to get this kind of dressing table, choose the one with several cravings and soft edges. The cravings will instantly bring traditional look. For the shabby chic style, choose the wooden one. But make sure this traditional shabby chic dressing table is suitable with style of your bedroom.

Elegant Shabby Chic

Do you want to make your chic shabby dressing table looks elegant? Then you are able to add installed lamps. Place them in the sides of your dressing table. Choose a few of small installed lamps to bring fancy and elegant touch. Moreover, the installed lamps can be the source of lights that is able to maximize your make up session.

Shabby chic style is able to be combined with other styles, and those are the examples. You can also combine it with any other styles. But make sure the combination does not make a bad contrast. You also need to consider the area where you place your dressing table.

Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms

Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms
Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms

There are tips and tricks that you need to know before you determine bedroom designs for small rooms. Small rooms is challenging for everyone to designs, no matter whether it will be high traffic area such as space or living room, or in private area such as bedroom. When it goes to bedroom, then you need to make the bedroom as comfort as you need this area for rest and relax after you work out in out for day. Here are some inspirations for you to make your small bedroom designs.

Adding decorations and accessories

When you have small bedroom, then what you need to do is make it organized, functional and if it possible make it look larger. To make larger illusion, you can add decorating item such as mirror. The closet mirror in your master bedroom can add expand sense in the room.  For saving space, hang your bed headboard. Hung into the wall for saves space. Next step, you can use bed for focal point. Add soft touch into your metal element bed, by adding slip covered length of foam for headboard cover and pillow.

Organizing bedroom

As your small bedroom should accommodate your stuffs and items, then you need to find furniture and designs that will store your item and display it well. The smart storage items from bed with underneath drawer give more storage option.   Choose furniture that give you option for space saving furniture. The nesting table will perfect for master bedroom with small size. Pull the little one in night for expand space and push it back for save space when it is not in use.

master bedroom with small size
Master bedroom with small size : Source

Repeat pattern

Repeat same patterns or motifs or theme in your area room is great rule for enhance your bedroom. The covering wall, headboard and bed skirt that set with same fabrics is great example for decorate and unifying small room, such as bedroom. The other way, you can dramatic sensation in your small bedroom with scale the upholstering wall in fabric line. The imposing bed give scale sense and big pattern in the wall create depth sense. Working with small size room is challenging as you need to make accurate size for your furniture and any functional display and items. When it comes to you to design small bedroom design, check forward to inspiration for bedroom designs for small rooms that offer efficient and effective design for your small rooms.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs For The Better Design

bathroom design from Jack and Jill
bathroom design from Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill bathroom designs are considered as the most bathroom design that people love, why is it? Cause the designs that offered by Jack and Jill are varieties and all of them are amusing and fascinating. You can also see some optional bathroom designs that you may love to apply for your own bathroom interior design. The designs are very unique and creative, you can see the designs from Jack and Jill as the references for you to redecorate and rearrange the outlook of your bathroom interior design. They also consider about the floor plans for the bathroom design, you can see in the official site of the Jack and Jill that there is the compact Jack and Jill floor plan which makes the outlook of your bathroom is more luxury, and there are also three combinations between the sink, the bath, and your bed, it can be arranged perfectly with them.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs
Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs : Source

Best Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs

When the time you are accessing the official site of the Jack and Jill to find the best concept to build the new bathroom design, you can be guided to the popular one of the bathroom design from Jack and Jill which is there are many kinds of the best Jack and Jill bathroom designs that you can choose according to your own taste. You could also combine the already design of the Jack and Jill with your own design that you have in your mind, it would be much better if you are able to modify the bathroom interior design with your own creativity. Jack and Jill is the best designer for making such a fascinating bathroom interior design. Thing that makes you should be amazed by this Jack and Jill design that they don’t just concern about the design, they also consider about the comfortable by the owner who uses the bathroom in the future later when the design is applied in real life.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs for Boys

In the last part here, you can also determine the bathroom design for something more specific. For example, you can see and try to find out for the Jack and Jill bathroom designs for boys. They also make the concept of the bathroom design as requested even for the design which is requested to be more specific. You can also have an important role in designing the bathroom for boys, you can concern about applying the toys as a display in the bathroom, it will be better if you choose the toys as a display with the theme of the toy is what your boys love the most. This is very good to use and know all the things about Jack and Jill bathroom designs.

6 Reasons Why White Cabinets are perfect for Kitchen

White Kitchen design ideas
White Kitchen design ideas

Kitchen with white cabinets is now becoming people’s choice. Why? Well, you should admit it that white kitchen is a handsome one. It has great looking style, clean, simple, and pure. For homeowners who are craving for simplicity and minimalist style, the white cabinets will make your dream come true. Remember, you can still pop some colors to your kitchen through decorations and ornaments. Many people agree that white color is versatile. This means, whenever we get bored, we can always add some ornaments like vase of colorful flowers, colorful appliances, and so forth.

The Reasons why you must love white Cabinet

White is not only about pure and clear, but it is also chic and modern. The white cabinets make your kitchen looks edgy and sophisticated. You can use bright colors like yellow or electric green and you can also use high gloss features. This kind of cabinet also goes perfectly with colorful ornaments.

One of the best reasons why you must love white kitchen since it provides more lights to the room. You can add contemporary backdrop to make it look luxurious, but simple.

Kitchen with white cabinets
Kitchen with white cabinets : Source

Homeowners can also make their kitchen eco-friendly. How? You must carefully choose the materials and it should be from nature like wood or stone or rock. White kitchen goes really well with natural colors or materials. In some cases, sometimes people want to have casual white kitchen or even glamorous. Geometric patterns are recommended for this type of kitchen. Add some details like gothic to your kitchen and choose the right lightning, so it will be beautiful.Until now, it seems that airy as well as light kitchen is still a major favorite. So, why don’t you use white cabinets? It gives a sense of brightness and freshness to your kitchen. Many people love kitchen with white cabinets since it gives more chance for them to explore and to be more creative. To make your kitchen looks astounding, the white cabinets can be combined with colorful kitchen appliances. However, if you are looking for more simple and sophisticated style, you might want to use stainless steel kitchen appliances. Organize the appliances and ornaments on the countertops or put all of those things on the top part of your cabinet. The only thing that you must always remember when you install white cabinets is you must be willing to spend more times just to clean it. Generally, everybody wants to have kitchen with white cabinets because it offers people tranquility and simplicity.