The Mix of Modern and Classic in Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs
Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs – Talking about home interior designs including for the bathroom, it seems that our minds only come to the modern and classic interior. Undeniably, those two are the basic styles commonly applied by people nowadays. Both are in contrast each others in which modern design is simpler while the classic ones tend to have more details. Sure, they can still be classified into other ideas. One of them is the Italian interior design. So, what are the characteristics of this idea? Meanwhile, is it good to be applied inside the bathroom along with item like marble? Here is the explanation.

Mix of Modern and Classic Design

It is actually quite difficult where Italian interior must be categorized; whether it is modern or classic. It is due to the fact that it has all things that describe both styles. Italian interior basically brings out the sense of luxuriously classic by seeing the furniture and other items applied. For bathroom particularly, it can be seen from the application of marble for the floor and even wall and furniture. Rather than choosing marble that is plain, the patterned one is more recommended for the look of more elegant as well as prestigious. In this case, classic style is very strong. On the other hand, the design in general including the wall ideas and furniture tend to be simple. It is seen by the fact that there is almost no engraving and other traditional details applied. The fascinating fact is that it is what being originally applied by Italian people even from many years ago.

grey and white italian marble bathrooms
grey and white italian marble bathrooms : source

Light Sense

Different from other classic designs that tend to be bold and “heavy” in term of design and color idea, Italian bathroom is not like that. The colors applied are light even if it may combine two or more colors. Aside from this matter, it is also supported by the lighting that uses white or yellow light as well. The use of classic chandelier is necessary for this idea although many people now are also interested to use the LED lighting. Other than light colors, Italian bathroom design is also often related to the application of natural look like wooden or rock pattern, something that modern interior commonly has. Meanwhile, using glass is also recommended to make the bathroom look larger. Yes, large space is important to make the Italian marble bathroom designs look more prestigious.

The Priele Italian Design Bathrooms – The Satisfying Products

priele italian design bathrooms
priele italian design bathrooms

When we have a bathroom which has nice designs, we must be very happy. As we know, bathroom is not only a place for taking a pee or poop. In nowadays, the function of the bathroom has expanded to be a place which can you use to do makeup or others. However, in a nice bathroom, we have to install high quality stuffs as well. For example, the priele italian design bathrooms, a place which provides you bathroom designs which doesn’t need to be questioned any more about its quality.

What is the priele italian design?

Before going further, it is better for you to know what the priele design is. Here, this brand was founded in 2004. Built for innovating the designs and bathroom products, the priele has a vision to be the best brand. Besides, the priele only utilizes the materials which are high quality. Not only that, you will see the designs which combine the creativity and the imagination in its products. For example, the vanity sets which are made, combine the materials such as porcelains, granite, tempered glass, wooden, and marble with italian design.

italian style bathroom ideas
italian style bathroom ideas : source

What the priele italian design bathroom offers?

When we talk about what this place offers, the priele italian design provides you the cabinets, glass shower doors, eco flush toilet, whirlpool bathtubs, green faucets, and vanity sets. Here, the priele italian design is available for nationwide selling. If you want to see the stuffs which are sold in the priele, you can go to the one of its dealers’ showrooms. Similar with its name, the designs which you can choose are mostly italian design. However, this brand also offers you the modern, classic, and wooden designs.

About the products

The products of the priele italian design, will make your bathroom become completely beautiful. Here, the designs which are carried by the priele are fresh and amazing. For example, the vanity sets which are offered will complete the emptiness of your bathroom. When usually a bathroom looks empty because there is no vanity set which is fit and beautiful. The vanity sets which are sold by the priele are very recommended. Not only that, the shower panels which are made, carry a modern design which is combined with italian style.

Besides, the priele italian design bathrooms also offer you bathroom shower doors which are made of high quality of glass. The prices which are given to you are affordable. Here, you will get the right stuff with the right price.

Mexican Bathroom Designs: Unique and Beautiful

Mexican bathroom designs
Mexican bathroom designs

For you who love an old-style charm and cozy atmosphere, Mexican style can be a perfect choice for your bathroom design. Its coziness of the Mexican-styled bathroom allows you to have a relaxing retreat after passing such a long tiring day. The colorful accent will highlight the romance and warmth at the same time. In this article, you can find some ideas of Mexican bathroom designs including flooring, walls, and accessories.

Mexican Bathroom Designs

1.             Flooring

The use of glazed tile on the floor will enhance the authentic look of Mexican styled bathroom instead of using carpets. There are various shapes and sizes of tile that you can choose to meet your preference. You can install different colored tiles to make a unique accent. For example, you can use those with different color as the border or you can install the, diagonally to create a unique pattern.

2.             Walls

You can bring the Mexican look on to your wall in two ways: either by painting it in two different colors and putting a bold stripe to divide them, or you can put the brightly colored tiles on your wall. 

3.             Accessories

You can attach a mirror with a shiny frame on each side of your bathroom wall to bring the Mexican feel. To enhance the style, you can put some anti-mainstream items like a Mexican flower pot to be used as a toothbrush holder and an old seat to place your bold-colored towel.

Mexican-styled bathroom
Mexican-styled bathroom : source

Why Do People choose Mexican Tile?

The Mexican tile becomes one of the most important elements to bring the Mexican style into your bathroom. Most interior designers do not choose it without any reasons. Here are some reasons why the presence of Mexican tile will usually be preferable.

1.             It is a unique and beautiful handmade item.

Mexican artisans are well known for their ability to make the tiles by hands, and creatively painted the, with aesthetic designs, they learn from their predecessors and, of course will be passed down to the next generations. Since the tiles are produced without machines, the production process will be time consuming and, willy nilly, labor intensive.

2.             It is very easy to clean.

The Mexican tile is very easy to clean and maintain from any dirts. You just need to shower it with water.

3.             It comes with a wide range or varieties.

Well, too many varieties can be both advantages or disadvantage, since it will be hard for you to choose only one or two models among so many beautiful designs. Different manufacturers will provide different patterns which have been produced for centuries. However, you can still find some other new modern pattern if you prefer.

Applying Bathrooms Designs for Small Spaces

Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces
Modern bathrooms designs for small spaces

Maybe you’re looking for ideas about modern bathrooms designs for small spaces. There are many tips that we can apply to transform your small bathroom into a comfortable and elegant bathroom by applying the idea of a minimalist bathroom design idea for a narrow room. Taking into account the use of the existing room and the selection of the right goods is a way to maximize the existing bathroom room.

Application of color and light

In order to seem wider, you should use a white or cream tile floor. This is because bright colors can reflect light. This makes the light bulb radiated more effectively to the angles that are difficult to reach the light directly. The bathroom feels cool and spacious. But if you do not like the light color or already wearing a dark color and cannot renovate again, then you can paint the rest of the other room like a wall with light colors.

Minimalist bathroom design idea
Minimalist bathroom design idea : Source

The next step is to apply matching colors for ceramics on walls and floors. The goal is to produce a straight line that is not interrupted when viewed the eye, to make anyone think that this room is wider than the original size. Sometimes some people think that many colors in the bathroom will make it look fresh and cheerful, but this is only for a spacious bathroom. The last step that can be replicated is to add artificial light in the bathroom, by installing bright lights white and bright. The use of yellow color should be avoided as it will make the bathroom look cramped and dark.


When talking about decorating, you might think that this is not important. However, it should be understood that a door hinge that most people wear will take up more space in a room, not least in the small bathroom space. In fact, this hinge door takes up to 25 percent of the space available in the bathroom. Therefore, it should be considered to use the door with a sliding system, so that the small space of our bathroom looks more spacious and comfortable.

Not a good idea to put a large toilet though the terrace will be more comfortable in the bathroom space with a limited size. Choose a toilet with the smallest size possible but already has the same function with a large toilet. That’s some small bathroom design ideas of small size that can be presented this time, hopefully this paper can be useful to decorate or renovate your modern bathrooms designs for small spaces.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs For The Better Design

bathroom design from Jack and Jill
bathroom design from Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill bathroom designs are considered as the most bathroom design that people love, why is it? Cause the designs that offered by Jack and Jill are varieties and all of them are amusing and fascinating. You can also see some optional bathroom designs that you may love to apply for your own bathroom interior design. The designs are very unique and creative, you can see the designs from Jack and Jill as the references for you to redecorate and rearrange the outlook of your bathroom interior design. They also consider about the floor plans for the bathroom design, you can see in the official site of the Jack and Jill that there is the compact Jack and Jill floor plan which makes the outlook of your bathroom is more luxury, and there are also three combinations between the sink, the bath, and your bed, it can be arranged perfectly with them.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs
Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs : Source

Best Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs

When the time you are accessing the official site of the Jack and Jill to find the best concept to build the new bathroom design, you can be guided to the popular one of the bathroom design from Jack and Jill which is there are many kinds of the best Jack and Jill bathroom designs that you can choose according to your own taste. You could also combine the already design of the Jack and Jill with your own design that you have in your mind, it would be much better if you are able to modify the bathroom interior design with your own creativity. Jack and Jill is the best designer for making such a fascinating bathroom interior design. Thing that makes you should be amazed by this Jack and Jill design that they don’t just concern about the design, they also consider about the comfortable by the owner who uses the bathroom in the future later when the design is applied in real life.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Designs for Boys

In the last part here, you can also determine the bathroom design for something more specific. For example, you can see and try to find out for the Jack and Jill bathroom designs for boys. They also make the concept of the bathroom design as requested even for the design which is requested to be more specific. You can also have an important role in designing the bathroom for boys, you can concern about applying the toys as a display in the bathroom, it will be better if you choose the toys as a display with the theme of the toy is what your boys love the most. This is very good to use and know all the things about Jack and Jill bathroom designs.