Fascinating Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Interior design for small bedroom
Interior design for small bedroom

Interior design for small bedroom is an endless discussion. What makes it endless is because what can give the limit is you yourself. You yourself who can limit your imagination. As you go for it deeper, you will find more and more great ideas that you can apply for your design. This reason is actually what makes interior design can bring you so much fun. You can research, you can explore, and you can do experiment for your design. You can even use some material that other people never think about it before. However, we will limit our discussion in this article about interior design for small bedroom. The focus of the discussion is some idea that can make a small bedroom looks larger without reducing its function and coziness. Here are some ideas that you may inspire you to redecorate your small bedroom.

Mirror and Hidden Storage Application for Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Identifying the challenge is the key. If you want to work on an interior design for small bedroom project, you must know what is your challenge. It appears the challenge is the small bedroom itself. Small room usually tend to make you feel in-box. Besides, usually you have some storages as some other furniture that you need inside your bedroom. However, you do not need to worry about it. Even a novice in interior design can solve it. What you need to do to make your small bedroom looks larger is to apply mirror ornaments. Mirror simply can reflect the light so that will make you bedroom somehow looks larger. It is easy for you to find some beautiful and classic mirror ornament in secondhand market. You can combine the mirror ornament with the application of mosaic to make it more alive. Besides, you do not need to throw away all your storages and furniture. You can outsmart it by applying hidden storage and small-size furniture. You can modify your small-size furniture to work as your hidden storage as well.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Painting Technique for Interior Design for Small Bedroom

Painting technique can define whether your room looks larger or the otherwise. The right combination between painting technique and lighting arrangement can make your small bedroom somehow looks larger. The idea is to make visual illusion from it. The right painting technique for small bedroom is to make gradation or ombre. The bottom part of your small bedroom must have lighter color. This will make you somehow see natural scenery from your bedroom. Usually, this technique adopts natural views such as beach or forest. Thus, you do not need to be confused anymore to work on your interior design for small bedroom project.

The Best Interior Design For Bedrooms

Interior design for bedrooms
Interior design for bedrooms

Designing is a first thing that people do before make or build something. Because this is so important to get like you want. What happen if only people do something without have a design, like the example building without designing first it will have a bad result finally, so do gown, without have any design that gown will look not attractive. And it will possible look messy to if it your bedroom. Interior design for bedrooms being a popular research for nowadays, because every people want to have a dream nice bedroom.

Designing is a pattern design that through various processes and consideration of aesthetics, function, problem, surveys and many other aspects, so the one who chose works as a designer requires expertise, research, thinking, models and particular experiences in orientation clicking out-put a masterpiece of design.

Tips Designing Interior Bedrooms

A clean and tidy appearance is an absolute must watch out. From lighting  techniques for lighting up the mirror for accessories, and it is certain that every little detail will make a big difference from your bedroom.

bedroom interior design pictures
bedroom interior design pictures : source

Considering your bedroom size, before buying a new furniture, because it may not have space for it. When picking a spot for your bed, consider the window and the door. Avoid to placement a bed underneath a window or close to the door because it can crack of light.

Lighting  techniques and color plays an important role in designing the rooms, such as soil color and lighting will give the impression of a warm and romantic. Or a clean white background and a single tone accents, not only gives the impression of a wider, but also create an atmosphere more bright and beautiful rooms.

But that should be very aware of is not too much to add color, it will create the impression of your bedroom become much look smaller and narrower than it is.  Match your desk and bed to make it look perfect. The pops of red that show up in bedroom can give a little touch of passion to an otherwise simple design.

Under the picture is also served rooms that utilize a space that might not have thought into a room, an attic of the house. Yes, if you are a person who regularly uses every inch of your home size becomes meaningful, perhaps the concept of elegant rooms can be useful. In a large bedroom size, combination of natural flooring can make a calm situation beside that paneling and shutter wood make the bedroom being a cozy atmosphere and block the light when you want to sleep in.

That’s  all a tips of interior design for bedrooms that you can apply in your bedroom. Beside that you can consult to a decorator before to got a maximal result.

Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom as Master Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom
Decorating a small bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom as a master bedroom must be much more challenging. You should make it a sanctuary and a place to have nice resting time. Even you only have a small space, you can make it feels like in a spa if you decorate it well.

Create a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

The warm and cozy atmosphere can be gotten by applying warm colors on the bed and walls. The colors are such as reds, terracotta, golds, and also browns. To improve the warm atmosphere, you can layer some fabrics in the bedroom such as by layering the drapes, throwing pillows, and covering the tables.  

Open an Airy Bedroom

Open and airy bedroom atmosphere is another favorite choice of many people. To make this design, apply certain colors like greens, blues, and also purples. Choose lighter colors to get more airy feeling in decorating a small bedroom. Have simple curtain designs and light colors as well as in other things inside the bedroom. It will create the open feeling you want.


Accessories will improve the personal style inside your bedroom. Keep simple accessories for your small master bedroom to prevent cluttered look. Choose simple artwork or photographs to bring dimension that doesn’t cause chaos.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Storage Space

Plenty storage space is essential need in any type of bedroom, including a room with spa look. In decorating a small bedroom, you can choose smart storage under the bed, having closets, and other ideas that will maximize the space usage. Choose furniture pieces that can have double functions as storage and another function. Remove all things that only full the master bedroom such as computer, household items, toys, etc.  

Right Furniture Choice

Choosing the right furniture will make your small spaces look bigger. Get a smallest bed that can be comfortable enough for you. If the bed is too big, then it will make the space overwhelmed. Use closet instead of a dresser and store your important clothes only inside. Have furniture pieces with hidden storage such as nightstands with drawers, ottoman or benches with underneath storage, etc. They will work well to store many stuffs that commonly make clutter inside a bedroom.Creating a less cluttered room is the essential key to make a small bedroom looks bigger. Consider the points above if you are going to make a master bedroom in a small room. Choose every right item to apply and support decorating a small bedroom well.

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Bedroom wall décor ideas
Bedroom wall décor ideas

Bedroom wall décor ideas actually are easy to get. Picking out the right décor and accessories can be fun because it is a personal room at home. Bedroom must be uniquely describe the owner; unlike the other rooms that are more public. You can add wallpaper, paint, shelves, photo, or anything you love as your personal items.

Paint the Wall

This the easiest and cheapest way to decorate a bedroom wall. The ideas can be varied. Make a cozy cottage look by installing wainscoting halfway on the wall and then paint the wall’s upper half in soft neutral color. Besides, paint the wall in popular look with vertical stripes, use tape to make the stripes and then paint the stripes in the same shade but darker tone. Behind your bed, use an accent wall with wallpaper to make it more attractive. Apply a romantic patterned wallpaper to create cozy atmosphere. For the other wall sides, use paint in the complement color.         


Displaying photographs is one of popular bedroom wall décor ideas particularly in a master bedroom. However, don’t display too many pictures that will make clutter look. To make the pictures supporting the cozy atmosphere, display two or three best pictures that are printed in sepia tone or black and white. Frame the pictures in the same size and material so it will bring restful, elegant and cohesive look. Hang the pictures horizontally above headboard or chair rail.     

Decorate a bedroom wall
Decorate a bedroom wall : Source


Applying shelves is a great idea to break the flat wall surface. However, don’t apply it in the same way like in a family room. Holding many DVDs or books on the shelves will make the bedroom lack of serenity. Instead, place a small vase with flowers and a lamp on the shelf. Place a couple of books that can be read before bedtime. You can apply some candles instead of the lamp to get more romantic atmosphere.     

Behind the Bed Area Decorating

Behind the bed wall is a focal area of every bedroom. Make a headboard in order to make the wall not bare and empty. You can make a simple headboard from a piece of plywood, fabric, some batting and a staple gun. Get many great ideas of DIY headboards on the internet and then choose the best one that can be applied in your bedroom. Then you can have a perfect and cozy bedroom with characteristics that really show the owner with the right bedroom wall décor ideas

Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms

Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms
Bedroom Designs for Small Rooms

There are tips and tricks that you need to know before you determine bedroom designs for small rooms. Small rooms is challenging for everyone to designs, no matter whether it will be high traffic area such as space or living room, or in private area such as bedroom. When it goes to bedroom, then you need to make the bedroom as comfort as you need this area for rest and relax after you work out in out for day. Here are some inspirations for you to make your small bedroom designs.

Adding decorations and accessories

When you have small bedroom, then what you need to do is make it organized, functional and if it possible make it look larger. To make larger illusion, you can add decorating item such as mirror. The closet mirror in your master bedroom can add expand sense in the room.  For saving space, hang your bed headboard. Hung into the wall for saves space. Next step, you can use bed for focal point. Add soft touch into your metal element bed, by adding slip covered length of foam for headboard cover and pillow.

Organizing bedroom

As your small bedroom should accommodate your stuffs and items, then you need to find furniture and designs that will store your item and display it well. The smart storage items from bed with underneath drawer give more storage option.   Choose furniture that give you option for space saving furniture. The nesting table will perfect for master bedroom with small size. Pull the little one in night for expand space and push it back for save space when it is not in use.

master bedroom with small size
Master bedroom with small size : Source

Repeat pattern

Repeat same patterns or motifs or theme in your area room is great rule for enhance your bedroom. The covering wall, headboard and bed skirt that set with same fabrics is great example for decorate and unifying small room, such as bedroom. The other way, you can dramatic sensation in your small bedroom with scale the upholstering wall in fabric line. The imposing bed give scale sense and big pattern in the wall create depth sense. Working with small size room is challenging as you need to make accurate size for your furniture and any functional display and items. When it comes to you to design small bedroom design, check forward to inspiration for bedroom designs for small rooms that offer efficient and effective design for your small rooms.

Small bedroom decorating ideas inspiration

Small bedroom decorating ideas
Small bedroom decorating ideas

There are small bedroom decorating ideas that you can set for bedroom in small or limited size. When it has limited space, it means that it should be compromise with your decorating items. Your bedroom is one space in house that you will invest for special efforts to make it as comfort as place where you spend your most time for relax. Therefore you need to design and decorate bedroom by special care.

Decorating ideas

As it should be your best place for resting, you need to have color palettes that will calm and relax your body when you are in bedroom.  The cozy color scheme such as neutral colors will offer cozy scheme in your bedroom. Add with lot of textures that will make your bedroom more serene, quiet and peaceful. Add the luxurious accent in your small bedroom can unleash your bedroom even when it small. The upgrade bedroom with paper walls in floral print and sparkle light fixtures is great for additional bedroom decorating that add elegant look.  Some people think that red paint will create smaller bedroom look. But when it has right shade, it can provide rich color hue for your bedroom.

Play with wall

When you décor your bedroom, the safest and easiest way is adding warm accent wall. Add the architectural and the texture interest in your bedroom by create custom headboard from burlap upholstered plywood cubes. In the small space there is an accent wall that pulls the eyes into room and visually enlarges to the room proportions. Add the serenity colors to your bedroom with adding small doses of colors for create strong statement. In small space, usually it also attract to window visually. Therefore let the two strong elements in bedroom compete by placing bed in front of window and meld it cohesively. You also able to dress the one element in neutral, so it will recede and the other will take stage as focal point.

Small bedrooms storage
Small bedrooms storage : Source

Airy space feeling

There are no other beat the airy feeling in your small bedroom sensation. To make this, choose bed with small size that will not make choke the room. You can consider using iron bed with headboard see through or footboard. Be sneaky in your small bedrooms storage. In your limited stages, every inch is worthy. Stash sweater boxes in your under bed or hide the set of luggage in there. Consider use ottoman storage under window for create additional storage option plus extra bedding and chair in small bedroom decorating ideas.