Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas Shows an Elegant and Antique Look

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas
Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Shabby chic is one of interior design styles showing antique design but it looks elegant for residence. The design style is much identical to the use of floral antique furniture items. Though it looks old but it stays beautiful. It has characteristics and vintage typical features that are romantic because it often uses soft and pastel colors. Shabby chic living room ideas show elegancy through perfection for your home.

Unforgettable Design for Living Room

Shabby chic design was famously known and developed in English. This design is suitable for being applied for any rooms at your house like a living room. A vintage look is identical to sexy and elegant being characteristics and advantages of this old design. The decoration of shabby chic will give an unforgettable impression in your living room. It is time to make the first sweet impression for guests with a shabby chic design. Don’t forget to consider some things before applying shabby chic design.

Vintage living room ideas on a budget
Vintage living room ideas on a budget : source

Pastel Colors and Floral Motifs for Living Room

Small and beautiful floral motifs and pastel color uses become a main element of shabby chic living room ideas. Any furniture items at home can be applied for being floral motifs and pastel color touch. You can apply it on the wall with wallpaper, curtain, or the other furniture items. You can use an appropriate clothing material such as cotton or linen for the cloth. The motif cloth with curtain accent will beautify your shabby chic living room. If you use floral motif wallpaper, don’t use floral motifs anymore on the other furniture items. It will make your living room look crowded and too much. It is enough to apply the other furniture items with similarly pastel colors for your main wallpaper.

Shabby Chic Furniture Items for Living Room

Choose a furniture item with medium to small sizes such as side table, coffee table, living room table, mirror, and cabinet. Find the vintage design furniture items with pastel colors. It is like its name in which shabby means to be old and dull. The dull furniture items become a typical feature of shabby chic design. You should concern on the chosen pastel colors. You should prevent the application of three different colors. If it is too much, your living room looks so messy. Choose one color only to be a main color and make a color division by using the other colors on the furniture. You need to select colors having a harmonious view each other. With that way, it looks so beautiful and harmonious. Those are enough to decorate a right interior design with shabby chic living room ideas.

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

shabby chic decor ideas
shabby chic decor ideas

If you are bored with a modern style home decor, then try to bring the beauty of aging objects into your room. The following shabby chic decor ideas will certainly transform your house into a beautiful vintage home.

Shabby Chic Style

What is shabby chic style, actually? Shabby chic is a term that refers to a decorating style which utilizes the aged furnitures and objects in order to create a shabby/vintage look into the decorated room. Interior decorators believe that shabby chic style brings a perfect balance between the modesty and luxury. 

The Colors

If you want to bring a shabby look to your room, you have to firstly consider the right color of the walls and the furnitures. In order to enhance the shabby atmosphere, you are suggested to choose some pastel colors, like white, mint, soft or dusty pink, creams, and soft blue. To avoid the “pale” and “boring’ look of your room, you can place small furnitures or accessories painted in bold colors (e.g.: pink, red, turquoise, yellow) in the room.

shabby chic decorating ideas living room
shabby chic decorating ideas living room : source

The Elements

There are some elements that you can use to highlight the shabby taste in your room.

1.             Whitewash

Instead of placing perfectly polished objects or furnitures, it will be better if you use the chipped, layered and whitewash painted objects. The texture effect which is created from these painting techniques will enhance the sign of age and loved objects or furnitures.

2.             Lace

Lace is definitely one of the must-included classic element in the shabby chic decor ideas, since it gives a very strong dainty vintage impression. You can add laces to your table runners, curtains, and bedsheet.

3.             Metal

Aluminum and tin are the other classic elements that work best in a vintage environment. The shabby chic style will be even stronger if the metal objects you use have some signs of wear and tear. The sign of used and aged metal objects will strengthen the charm of old country style.

The Patterns

The most popular pattern that is often used to bring a vintage breeze into the room is floral patterns. This kind of pattern will give the touch of classic English cottage. The patterns that are often used are rose blossoms and peonies.

Not only floral patterns, but paisley and stripe patterns can also be used to enhance the feel of shabby chic house. It is believed that simple stripe patterns can give a taller ceiling and bigger room effects to your room. You can use light and neutral colors to create a stripe pattern that will perfectly complement the shabby chic look of your room.

Things to Include in Shabby Chic Home Décor

Shabby chic home décor
Shabby chic home décor

Shabby chic home décor refers to a decoration which applies aged furniture for vintage look and here some tips to include it on your house.

The colours

There are some colours which are associated with shabby chic style. Starting from mint green, white, creams, and pastels depict this home style well. In order to get true shabby chic look, you can combine the use of neutral colours and muted green. To make it look more interesting, you can give an accent by adding some pops with teal, turquoise, or pinks.

The elements

There are some elements that you will familiarly meet in shabby chic home. For instance, you almost can find burlap to balance the decoration. This element is familiar with organic and natural look. The coarse textile which used to make this element adds edge and texture in a room which designed with shabby chic style.

shabby chic decorating ideas living room
shabby chic decorating ideas living room : source

When it comes to furniture, shabby chic usually uses polished furniture. It also shows the use of whitewash, layered, or items with chipped paint. Furniture which emphasized in textured and aged look becomes the true sign of this style.

Anther clear sign which depicts shabby chic is lace. It becomes the combination of dainty and delicate look. That’s why it happens to be a great complements for cottons as well as muslin cloth. Lace always gives classic touch to any curtains, table top, any other where it is placed.

Metal materials such as tint and aluminium are frequently found in shabby chic home. It creates chic look as well as shows the charm of old-fashioned style through painted, sanded or distress surface of metal elements.

The patterns

Shabby chic has its own patterns and they depict the style well. For instance, floral pattern gives the sense of English cottage. You also can use peonies or tea roses which bloom to complete faded background. Prim or ladylike is another floral pattern. These tiny flowers are good to be added into shabby chic space as it effectively draw attention for detail look.

For any simple approach, you can use stripes pattern. This pattern will make your eye focus to see an illusion of taller ceilings and more spacious room. Stripes also can give light and natural look if you apply it them to shabby chic room with toned-down look. So, make sure to include one of these strong patterns if you have plan to make any room in your house showing shabby chic home décor.

Tips: Shabby Chic Wall Decor

Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas
Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas

Shabby chic is known by its feminine concept with a lot of supportive accessories. If you want to get shabby chic wall decor in your house or want to combine it to other ideas, here are the tips:

Determine the Concept

Shabby chic is mostly about feminine concept, that is why this kind of style uses pink or purple colors the most. But if you do not really like those 2 colors, you are able to pick other soft colors such as beige, salem, or nude colors.

Combine Wallpapers

The easiest way to bring shabby chic wall decor in your house is by having patterned wallpapers. You are able to combine maximum 2 patterned wallpapers, such as striped wallpaper with zig zag wallpaper. You are also able to combine other 2 patterned wallpapers. But make sure the combination does not make a crash and make the walls in your house looks too much. If you want to have a feminine concept of shabby chic, flower pattern wallpaper will instantly bring it.

You are also able to combine patterned wallpaper with wall paints if you think combining 2 patterned wallpapers is too much. Choose one color from the patterned wallpaper you choose, and make it as the main colors of wall paints in your house.

Shabby chic decorating ideas for every room
Shabby chic decorating ideas for every room : Source

Pick White Furniture

Because the concept of shabby chic is already crowd, for the furniture choose the ones in white. White furniture is not only able to neutralize the room, but also able to make it looks more spacious. But if you think white furniture is too boring, you can choose wooden furniture. The wood colors is also able to neutralize the room, and bring warm and calm touch.

Also, minimize the use of furniture. Do not place many furniture if you already apply wall decor with shabby chic. It will make the room in your house looks too crowded. Choosing furniture with small size will be suitable.

Choose the Right Accessories

If you already pick patterned wallpaper to be applied in the walls of your house, choose simple decorative accessories for the walls. For example, white round wall clock. Or you are able to place hanging plants. The plants are suitable with the concept of shabby chic. Moreover, they are also able to be the source of oxygen in the room of your house. The hanging plants will also bring nature touch to the room.

Shabby and Chic Dressing Table Ideas

Shabby chic dressing table
Shabby chic dressing table

Not only as complementary furniture to do your makeup, dressing table can also be a decorative furniture for a room, especially bedroom. One of the most preferred one is shabby chic dressing table. Here are several ideas of it.

Minimalist Shabby Chic

In order to get minimalist shabby and chic dressing table, you can have one table, one chair, and one mirror in small to medium size. Have them all in white color and sharp shapes. This kind of chic shabby dressing table is suitable if your bedroom does not have enough spaces. It is also suitable if you do not have a lot of makeup collections.

Multifunction Shabby Chic

If you need a big dressing table to place your makeup collections but your bedroom makes it pretty impossible to have a big one, then multifunction dressing table is a great solution for you. Multifunction chic shabby dressing table is usually completed with many drawers, racks, and storages. In fact, there is also this kind of table which it is available to be used to write.

Because multifunction dressing table has a lot of storages, you can also save other stuff besides your makeup collection. Such as your bag or shoes collections. Even though it has many storages, multifunction dressing table still has aesthetic value.

chic shabby dressing table
chic shabby dressing table : Source

Traditional Shabby Chic

Traditional chic shabby dressing table is known by its design which shows classic lines and complex details. If you want to get this kind of dressing table, choose the one with several cravings and soft edges. The cravings will instantly bring traditional look. For the shabby chic style, choose the wooden one. But make sure this traditional shabby chic dressing table is suitable with style of your bedroom.

Elegant Shabby Chic

Do you want to make your chic shabby dressing table looks elegant? Then you are able to add installed lamps. Place them in the sides of your dressing table. Choose a few of small installed lamps to bring fancy and elegant touch. Moreover, the installed lamps can be the source of lights that is able to maximize your make up session.

Shabby chic style is able to be combined with other styles, and those are the examples. You can also combine it with any other styles. But make sure the combination does not make a bad contrast. You also need to consider the area where you place your dressing table.

Shabby Chic Shower Curtains for Romantic Bathroom

Shabby Chic Shower Curtains
Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

Shower curtain basically has so many functions. Aside from covering the shower or bathtub, it undeniably makes the bathroom look more beautiful and chic. One of the ideas of shower curtains is those in shabby chic. As you may already know, shabby chic is associated to the ideas that are girly and even feminine. So, how can we recognize the curtains in shabby chic style? Here they are.


So how can you say that certain home fabrics look feminine? Well, one of them is due to the application of ruffles. Curtain with ruffles is more appropriate to be put on a bathroom in which the entire design is still plain. If you find it so monotonous, such curtains can just make the interior look livelier. It is also a good idea when you want to apply something shabby chic but the bathroom itself is still in other interior designs.

Pastel Colors

You must agree that some colors like pink, milky blue, mustard, and other pastel or soft colors are simply feminine. It is also a reason why some boys don’t want to wear such colors since they may not want to look girly. That’s why; curtains in those colors are great to make your bathroom look shabby chic. Let’s say your bathroom interior has been adorned with some shabby chic stuff like ruffled fabrics and many flowers. If you don’t want to make it look more rousing anymore, just put on a plain curtain with one of those colors. Yes, this style is greatly accentuated here.

bathroom shower shabby chic Curtains
Bathroom shower shabby chic Curtains : Source

Floral Patterns

Another characteristic of girly stuff is floral pattern. If there is no ruffled curtain or the pink one, you can still use any other ideas. Why don’t you apply a curtain you may already have? Well, if it has floral pattern, whatever the color it is, it just matches the shabby chic idea well. Actually, floral is not a must. Other kinds of pattern like lace, the classic Fleur-de-lis, and more are also good enough for your bathroom’s shabby chic interior. So, just choose one you like the most.

Of course, only applying a kind of shabby chic shower curtains is sometimes not enough to bring out more vibes of shabby chic. Make sure also the furniture and other stuff are in classic design. in this modern day, just feel the atmosphere of romantic regency era only by entering and enjoying your bathroom anyway.