Mexican Bathroom Designs: Unique and Beautiful

Mexican bathroom designs
Mexican bathroom designs

For you who love an old-style charm and cozy atmosphere, Mexican style can be a perfect choice for your bathroom design. Its coziness of the Mexican-styled bathroom allows you to have a relaxing retreat after passing such a long tiring day. The colorful accent will highlight the romance and warmth at the same time. In this article, you can find some ideas of Mexican bathroom designs including flooring, walls, and accessories.

Mexican Bathroom Designs

1.             Flooring

The use of glazed tile on the floor will enhance the authentic look of Mexican styled bathroom instead of using carpets. There are various shapes and sizes of tile that you can choose to meet your preference. You can install different colored tiles to make a unique accent. For example, you can use those with different color as the border or you can install the, diagonally to create a unique pattern.

2.             Walls

You can bring the Mexican look on to your wall in two ways: either by painting it in two different colors and putting a bold stripe to divide them, or you can put the brightly colored tiles on your wall. 

3.             Accessories

You can attach a mirror with a shiny frame on each side of your bathroom wall to bring the Mexican feel. To enhance the style, you can put some anti-mainstream items like a Mexican flower pot to be used as a toothbrush holder and an old seat to place your bold-colored towel.

Mexican-styled bathroom
Mexican-styled bathroom : source

Why Do People choose Mexican Tile?

The Mexican tile becomes one of the most important elements to bring the Mexican style into your bathroom. Most interior designers do not choose it without any reasons. Here are some reasons why the presence of Mexican tile will usually be preferable.

1.             It is a unique and beautiful handmade item.

Mexican artisans are well known for their ability to make the tiles by hands, and creatively painted the, with aesthetic designs, they learn from their predecessors and, of course will be passed down to the next generations. Since the tiles are produced without machines, the production process will be time consuming and, willy nilly, labor intensive.

2.             It is very easy to clean.

The Mexican tile is very easy to clean and maintain from any dirts. You just need to shower it with water.

3.             It comes with a wide range or varieties.

Well, too many varieties can be both advantages or disadvantage, since it will be hard for you to choose only one or two models among so many beautiful designs. Different manufacturers will provide different patterns which have been produced for centuries. However, you can still find some other new modern pattern if you prefer.

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