The Mix of Modern and Classic in Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs
Italian Marble Bathroom Designs

Italian Marble Bathroom Designs – Talking about home interior designs including for the bathroom, it seems that our minds only come to the modern and classic interior. Undeniably, those two are the basic styles commonly applied by people nowadays. Both are in contrast each others in which modern design is simpler while the classic ones tend to have more details. Sure, they can still be classified into other ideas. One of them is the Italian interior design. So, what are the characteristics of this idea? Meanwhile, is it good to be applied inside the bathroom along with item like marble? Here is the explanation.

Mix of Modern and Classic Design

It is actually quite difficult where Italian interior must be categorized; whether it is modern or classic. It is due to the fact that it has all things that describe both styles. Italian interior basically brings out the sense of luxuriously classic by seeing the furniture and other items applied. For bathroom particularly, it can be seen from the application of marble for the floor and even wall and furniture. Rather than choosing marble that is plain, the patterned one is more recommended for the look of more elegant as well as prestigious. In this case, classic style is very strong. On the other hand, the design in general including the wall ideas and furniture tend to be simple. It is seen by the fact that there is almost no engraving and other traditional details applied. The fascinating fact is that it is what being originally applied by Italian people even from many years ago.

grey and white italian marble bathrooms
grey and white italian marble bathrooms : source

Light Sense

Different from other classic designs that tend to be bold and “heavy” in term of design and color idea, Italian bathroom is not like that. The colors applied are light even if it may combine two or more colors. Aside from this matter, it is also supported by the lighting that uses white or yellow light as well. The use of classic chandelier is necessary for this idea although many people now are also interested to use the LED lighting. Other than light colors, Italian bathroom design is also often related to the application of natural look like wooden or rock pattern, something that modern interior commonly has. Meanwhile, using glass is also recommended to make the bathroom look larger. Yes, large space is important to make the Italian marble bathroom designs look more prestigious.