Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas Shows an Elegant and Antique Look

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas
Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Shabby chic is one of interior design styles showing antique design but it looks elegant for residence. The design style is much identical to the use of floral antique furniture items. Though it looks old but it stays beautiful. It has characteristics and vintage typical features that are romantic because it often uses soft and pastel colors. Shabby chic living room ideas show elegancy through perfection for your home.

Unforgettable Design for Living Room

Shabby chic design was famously known and developed in English. This design is suitable for being applied for any rooms at your house like a living room. A vintage look is identical to sexy and elegant being characteristics and advantages of this old design. The decoration of shabby chic will give an unforgettable impression in your living room. It is time to make the first sweet impression for guests with a shabby chic design. Don’t forget to consider some things before applying shabby chic design.

Vintage living room ideas on a budget
Vintage living room ideas on a budget : source

Pastel Colors and Floral Motifs for Living Room

Small and beautiful floral motifs and pastel color uses become a main element of shabby chic living room ideas. Any furniture items at home can be applied for being floral motifs and pastel color touch. You can apply it on the wall with wallpaper, curtain, or the other furniture items. You can use an appropriate clothing material such as cotton or linen for the cloth. The motif cloth with curtain accent will beautify your shabby chic living room. If you use floral motif wallpaper, don’t use floral motifs anymore on the other furniture items. It will make your living room look crowded and too much. It is enough to apply the other furniture items with similarly pastel colors for your main wallpaper.

Shabby Chic Furniture Items for Living Room

Choose a furniture item with medium to small sizes such as side table, coffee table, living room table, mirror, and cabinet. Find the vintage design furniture items with pastel colors. It is like its name in which shabby means to be old and dull. The dull furniture items become a typical feature of shabby chic design. You should concern on the chosen pastel colors. You should prevent the application of three different colors. If it is too much, your living room looks so messy. Choose one color only to be a main color and make a color division by using the other colors on the furniture. You need to select colors having a harmonious view each other. With that way, it looks so beautiful and harmonious. Those are enough to decorate a right interior design with shabby chic living room ideas.