Things to Include in Shabby Chic Home Décor

Shabby chic home décor
Shabby chic home décor

Shabby chic home décor refers to a decoration which applies aged furniture for vintage look and here some tips to include it on your house.

The colours

There are some colours which are associated with shabby chic style. Starting from mint green, white, creams, and pastels depict this home style well. In order to get true shabby chic look, you can combine the use of neutral colours and muted green. To make it look more interesting, you can give an accent by adding some pops with teal, turquoise, or pinks.

The elements

There are some elements that you will familiarly meet in shabby chic home. For instance, you almost can find burlap to balance the decoration. This element is familiar with organic and natural look. The coarse textile which used to make this element adds edge and texture in a room which designed with shabby chic style.

shabby chic decorating ideas living room
shabby chic decorating ideas living room : source

When it comes to furniture, shabby chic usually uses polished furniture. It also shows the use of whitewash, layered, or items with chipped paint. Furniture which emphasized in textured and aged look becomes the true sign of this style.

Anther clear sign which depicts shabby chic is lace. It becomes the combination of dainty and delicate look. That’s why it happens to be a great complements for cottons as well as muslin cloth. Lace always gives classic touch to any curtains, table top, any other where it is placed.

Metal materials such as tint and aluminium are frequently found in shabby chic home. It creates chic look as well as shows the charm of old-fashioned style through painted, sanded or distress surface of metal elements.

The patterns

Shabby chic has its own patterns and they depict the style well. For instance, floral pattern gives the sense of English cottage. You also can use peonies or tea roses which bloom to complete faded background. Prim or ladylike is another floral pattern. These tiny flowers are good to be added into shabby chic space as it effectively draw attention for detail look.

For any simple approach, you can use stripes pattern. This pattern will make your eye focus to see an illusion of taller ceilings and more spacious room. Stripes also can give light and natural look if you apply it them to shabby chic room with toned-down look. So, make sure to include one of these strong patterns if you have plan to make any room in your house showing shabby chic home décor.