The Reason Why U Shaped Kitchen Designs Are So Popular

u shaped kitchen designs
U shaped kitchen designs

When you saw kitchen design ideas on magazines and internet, did you also see that most of them are u shaped kitchen designs? Yes, many people choose this kitchen design for their home. U shaped kitchen designs can be applied in small or large space of house. Because of its shape, it allows you to cook and prepare wherever you want since the space for countertop is large with the three-side spaces. It also provides plenty of storage for kitchen appliances. Here other advantages of u shaped kitchen that make people love to use the design.


One thing that people have to consider when they build or remodel kitchen is the working triangle. What is that? It is the three main working area in the kitchen, cooking area which is the area of oven or stove, washing area which is the area of sink and storage area which is the area of refrigerator. Those three appliances are the most important of the kitchen. If you want to make your work in the kitchen highly efficient, you have to make sure you can easily reach those area without any obstacles surround them. And u shaped kitchen design is right for the requirement.

Multiple work

When you cook for big party you may need another company to help you cooking. U shaped kitchen designs allow you to divide kitchen area to be multiple working area. So you and your helper can work simultaneously. Its shape separates you from the rest of people so there will be no crowd disrupting when you are cooking.

u shaped kitchen ideas
U shaped kitchen ideas : source


Though it separates kitchen area with another area of the house, yet you can entertain your family or your guest by creating an island countertop on one of three sides. Your family member or guest can sit on this countertop and see or talk with you while you’re cooking. You still can catch any conversation surround you and there won’t be any feeling of being left anymore for you.

Handle the area

With ample storage provided by its three sides and kitchen cabinets you can decide where to put the appliances. The design also gives you less traffic in the kitchen. It means you can easily access all kitchen appliances and you can easily see all the nooks in the kitchen too. In other word u shaped kitchen designs allow you to handle the kitchen area that you might not do the same with other design.

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